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Why envelope roofs are stronger than carport style

20degree roof angle most durable

All of our DIY Marquee ranges use an envelope style roof, this is both stronger and more flexible than the alternative carport style.

By including the gable in to the roof shape the roof becomes a set angle and the roof helps maintain the structural integrity of the marquee. In essence you are creating an additional brace at the end of the marquee by tensioning across each end.

The added flexibility comes from the roof dropping down to the same eave height and enabling interchangeable side panels.

The envelope roof design is generally regarded as the more attractive option when used as a roof only structure, it doesn't look 'as though someone's just thrown a tarpaulin over' as one of our customers said (about a car port style party tent not supplied by us!).

The envelope design is more expensive to manufacture but we believe the benefits are well worth the slight increase in production costs.

We are always happy to offer more customised advice for your event, please contact us giving a few details of the event you are planning (type of event, space available, number of guests and diagrams/photographs of the site if possible) and we will be more than happy to advise on your options.

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