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The Strength Of Eave Braces:

20degree roof angle most durable

Put simply eave braces make a marquee stronger, more durable and increase the expected lifespan of the structure.

Any marquee over time can suffer from water pooling. This can be caused by:

  • bungee loops overstretching
  • the marquee erected on a slope
  • the roof stretching over time, especially if water pooling has happened previously

The last point is especially relevant, if water pooling occurs it can stretch the roof (it is a form of plastic) and so more likely to occur again. The secret is to prevent it happening in the first place - this is where eave braces come in.

Any water pooling will happen at the bottom of the roof just above the eaves. In basic marquees the poles are 2m apart and so leave space for this to occur. using eave braces cuts this down to a 1m spacing and so drastically cuts down the chances of this happening.

Using eave braces will make your structure last longer.

Eave braces (and gable uprights featured in the above picture) also add strength to the structure of the marquee.

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