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Marquee Maintenance

  • Stretch in the bungees

  • Bungees are designed to stretch in the wind to prevent any damage to the roof or side panels of the marquee. Over time they can become like string and need replacing. This usually occurs on the side of the marquee which is exposed to the most wind. Do not replace bungees with cable ties! This can cause the eyelets to rip.

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  • Stakes & Straps

  • If your marquee has been up for a while, or if there has been a lot of rain, check your stakes! It is a good idea to check the stakes are still firmly anchored into the ground and haven't spun around or been pulled out. Similarly the straps may need tightening.

  • Water pooling

  • If a marquee has been kept up for a long period of time check the roof for water pooling. If left this can stretch PVC in the roof causing unwanted damage to the most expensive part of your marquee!.

  • Cleaning the PVC

  • It is best to do this while the marquee is up. We recommend TFR (Traffic film remover). Spray a diluted mix onto the marquee and agitate with a stiff brush or broom. Then hose off and the marquee should be nice and clean.

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