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How to have a marquee wedding on a budget

With it being 2023 and the cost of living crisis in full swing you may think that a marquee wedding is out of the question. In fact, it's well within reach and at much less than you would expect.

One of the best solutions to a smaller, budget wedding is to purchase your own marquee and sell it immediately afterwards. Marquees hold their value. Weather it's a few months or a few years down the line they never really drop to less than 80% of the purchase price and in some cases they'll increase in value if you hold onto them! (as long as they're in good condition). Make sure you take lots of pictures and get it listed straight afterwards! If you don't mind having it up slightly longer it's possible to list as "buyer dismantles".

The best places to re-sell are Curlew and Ebay as hire companies will be looking on these websites to acquire cheap stock.

The most popular size for small to medium size weddings being 6m x 12m as they can seat up to 80 guests. We've had previous customers purchase their marquees for a wedding and actually turn a profit on them when selling right away.

An alternative is to keep the marquee and hire it out to friends or the general public and make money back as a side business. Our marquees hire out for roughly 1/3 of the purcase prices on a weekend basis. (currently £670) and that's only the marquee, not including the linings, flooring etc.

We do a dedicated small wedding package which includes tie-downs, linings, flooring and lighting. Alternatively a bare-bones 6m x 12m Commercial DIY Marquee can work well too if you're looking to save on the initial purchase price. Other sizes are available for smaller/larger gardens too!

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