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How to easily make formal or informal seating arrangements

Choosing between a formal and informal layout is one of the basic requirements when planning an event in a marquee as it can affect design decisions for the whole event.

The easiest way to create formal or informal layouts is by the use of furniture:


A formal function will have uniformly laid out furniture often using 5ft or 5ft 6inch round tables seating 10 guests (for weddings always use 5ft6inch tables to seat 10).

formal seating


Create an informal atmosphere by using different size smaller tables, typically 3ft (seating 2-4) and 4ft round tables (seating 6-8). Although occupying a similar amount of space the appearance will be far less formal (similar to the seating in a tea shop for example). It will also look less out of place if some of the tables are moved outside the marquee.

informal seating

We are always happy to offer more customised advice for your event, please contact us giving a few details of the event you are planning (type of event, space available, number of guests and diagrams/photographs of the site if possible) and we will be more than happy to advise on your options.

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