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How to choose where to erect your marquee

We don't all have bowling green lawns so what should you keep in mind when looking at where to erect your marquee?

The lay of the land:

  • A marquee doesn't have to be on a perfectly level and flat area but it does help. If you are in any doubt take some garden furniture and test them out on the part of the lawn in question.
  • Sloped is better than bumpy. A marquee can be erected on a slight slope with no problem, gardens that are incredibly bumpy and uneven could cause a problem. If the area is sloped don't be tempted to chock up dining tables as the chairs would then be at the wrong height.
  • Try to avoid areas that become waterlogged, especially if the marquee will be used in the winter.
  • Our DIY Marquees can be erected on hard standing or a mixture of hard and soft (providing there is no significant height difference between the two surfaces)

Where to put the marquee in your garden:

  • Marquees are square and rectangles, keep this in mind when measuring out where to put them
  • Flower beds and small trees/bushes can be incorporated in to a marquee and often make an attractive feature. Keep in mind that any flower bed or tree will reduce the capacity of the marquee.
  • During the winter it is best to position the marquee as close to (or connected to) the house as possible for ease of access.
  • It is possible to have two potential layouts planned - one for bad weather forecast with the marquee(s) close to the house and one for good weather forecast with the marquee(s) set back away from the house.
  • If you are holding a relatively small function in a very large garden consider positioning the marquee across the garden allowing a small courtyard in front but restrict access to the rear. This will keep everyone together and avoid having the feeling of 'rattling around' a larger area.

We are always happy to offer more customised advice for your event, please contact us giving a few details of the event you are planning (type of event, space available, number of guests and diagrams/photographs of the site if possible) and we will be more than happy to advise on your options.

If you would like to use or quote any part of this article please contact us for permission or licencing.