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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my marquee be delivered?

    Most of our marquees are sent out using a pallet network. A small lorry will arrive and tail-lift the pallet off of the lorry. They will then move the pallet using a pallet-truck as close to where you would like it as possible.

  • Do your prices include VAT?

    Yes, all prices include VAT at 20%

  • What's the difference between PE, PVC & poly/PVC?

    PE (polyethylene) is like tarpaulin material and comes in 80-240gsm (grams per square metre) where the heavier the material the thicker it is and the longer lasting it is. Poly/PVC is seen as a halfway house between PE and PVC. It generally only has a PVC coating on one side. We do not use poly/PVC as it is an inferior product to 100% PVC. 100% PVC is the premier marquee material although can come in many different qualities. At DIY Marquees we only use Duracoretex™ PVC for added durability.

  • What does gsm mean?

    Marquee material is measured in weight, gsm stands for grams per square metre so one of the materials we use is 500grams per square metre PVC. Unfortunately that only tells half of the story as PVC is made up of many layers/coatings and the strength comes from the core material used (ie before the layers are added). We only use Duracoretex™ PVC with a reinforced core but there are much cheaper options available with a weaker core. Just because a fabric says 500gsm PVC doesn't mean it's heavy duty.

  • What are eaves braces?

    Eaves braces connect between the eave purlin and the mid-purlin of the metalwork. Over time marquees can suffer from water pooling on the roofs, eaves braces drastically reduce the chances of this occurring and lengthen the expected lifespan of the marquee.

  • Are ground bars included?

    Yes with all commercial, professional and deluxe marquees. They are a recommended extra on party tent and classic ranges. Ground bars add stability to any structure which is why we recommend them.

  • Are tie downs essential?

    No but if you aren't using tie downs then you will require alternative equipment for anchoring the marquee down.

  • Can DIY Marquees be erected on hard standing?

    Yes though marquees always need anchoring down so you will need to use heavy weights or drill anchoring points in to the hard surface.

  • What do you mean by how many seasons is a marquee?

    We are trying to give an indication of when you could use the marquee so you can choose a marquee that will meet your expectations. No marquee should be used in extreme weather conditions but the added features and strength in our commercial, professional and deluxe marquees means they can be erected for longer than our party tents or classic range.

  • Can layouts on your planner be saved?

    No but we're working on it!

  • Can I extend my DIY Marquee to a larger size?

    Yes, our marquees are modular so you can simply buy 1 or more extension bays and a larger roof, please call our office on 01306 876767.

  • Can I make my marquee smaller?

    Yes, the easiest way to do this is to purchase a smaller roof (all metalwork and side panels are universal), please call our office on 01306 876767.

  • Can I divide my DIY Marquee?

    Yes, purchase a catering partition and you can split your marquee up in to smaller areas, please call our office on 01306 876767.

  • Can I join DIY Marquees together?

    Yes, using our guttering kits you can join several marquees side by side or end to end very easily. Guttering kits are included free of charge with any multiple purchase of marquees.

  • Do you make custom size marquees or linings?

    No, I'm afraid not as the cost of manufacturing a bespoke structure is simply uneconomical.

  • What wind speed can the marquees withstand?

    The honest answer is we simply don't know as there's not a testing facility large enough. Marquee hire companies have successfully used our marquees in some of the worst weather possible but all we can state is that our demo marquees have been up in a partially sheltered area in wind speeds of up to 30 mph with our tie downs in place and all sides fastened without any problems.

  • Are spares available?

    Yes, usually dispatched within 24 hours. As former marquee erectors we know that if an accident happens you need the part to arrive urgently to stay in business. Unfortunately our spare parts are only suitable for DIY Marquees so if you need spares for a different marquee ours are unlikely to be compatible.

  • My DIY Marquee is very old, can I still buy spare parts for it?

    Yes absolutely. Unless the range has been discontinued completely (and even then it's worth asking) you can buy any replacement part for your marquee. When designing any new feature in a range we always try to make it backwards compatible to look after existing customers.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We recommend you use a shipping company near you to arrange collection from our factory in Dorking - we can supply the dimensions and weight of your order for shipping purposes.

  • Are your online payments secure?

    Yes, we use a verified SSL certificate for all transactions. When arriving at the payment pages you will see some or all of the following to show the site is secure: a padlock will appear in your browser, the bar at the top of your browser will turn green and/or the address will change from https to https.

  • Can DIY Marquees be used without sides?

    Yes though please be aware that in poor weather marquees perform much better with all side panels on (to avoid the effect of a large umbrella).

  • I'm not sure what to order with my DIY Marquee

    We will gladly offer advice by phone (01306 876767) or by email. However our marquee packages are designed for starting your own hire business or setting up your own marquee wedding or party.

  • What makes a DIY Marquee better than others available?

    We design our marquees using our extensive experience in the marquee hire industry. We offer a range of marquees suitable for any occasion, the heavier duty marquee ranges like our commercial, professional and deluxe ranges include additional features to make them more durable and flexible - ideal for the marquee hire industry.

  • When will my DIY Marquee be delivered?

    Marquees are usually dispatched within 1 working day and sent out on a 2 day service (overnight incurs a small surcharge). You will be told when ordering (orders by phone) or by email (online orders) when to expect delivery of your marquee(s). They will arrive on a pallet and the delivery company will use a pallet truck to wheel it as close to the house as possible - unfortunately they cannot unpack the pallet or transport it on soft surfaces.

  • Are all of your marquees and linings flame retardant?

    Yes, all PVC and lining fabrics are flame retardant to BS 5438 & BS 7837 with copies of certificates supplied with every purchase the only exception is the PE fabric used in our Party tent range that is not flame retardant. Please note that British Standards on flame retardancy are far tougher than European tests. From experience we have found that just because fabric passes a European or American flammability test (DIN, M1/M2 for eg) does not mean it will pass the British one and may invalidate any insurance.

  • I've never put up a marquee before. Is it hard?

    No. We've designed our marquees to be strong, durable but importantly easy to erect. Our most popular Commercial Marquee -6mx12m takes 3 people 3-4 hours initially but with experience 2 people can take as little as 2 hours.

  • I'm still not sure how to put up a marquee. Do you offer a training day?

    We can but our marquees are so easy to put up they generally aren't necessary. We supply step by step instructions with photographs at each stage, an online video and phone support should you have a problem.

  • How much storage space is needed?

    Dimensions of storage space are specified on each product page. In general a DIY Marquee will usually fit in to any estate car or 4x4 vehicle. Smaller cars may have boxes overhanging the back and vans can usually transport several DIY Marquees at a time.

  • When should we erect the marquee?

    Not on the day! Ideally several days before to allow time for decorating the marquee and in case of any problems. If you're laying flooring don't worry about leaving it down for several days – grass is tough stuff and will soon recover.

  • What happens when it rains?

    Rain is a product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapour that is deposited on the earth's surface. It forms when separate drops of water fall to the Earth's surface from clouds. Oh, and your marquees are waterproof with a rain skirt to take the water away from the base.

  • Do you sell solid walls instead of windows?

    Yes for our commercial, professional and deluxe ranges -these can be ordered separately or as an upgrade to windows.

  • Can I collect marquees from your factory in Dorking?

    Certainly. We realise delivery costs are expensive so welcome anyone picking their marquees up from our factory.

  • Are you green marquees as strong as your white ones?

    Our green marquees use the exact same 38/42mm steel framework and thick 500gsm Duracoretex PVC covers. The only difference is the colour.