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The Deluxe Demi DIY Marquee Range

The Deluxe DIY Marquee range

Our Deluxe Demi range of DIY Marquees are ideal for customers who want the strongest, most durable and most impressive marquees we can design with the ability to easily stand against buildings or toilets.

Our Deluxe Demi range shares all of the features of our Commercial Demi Ranges but with added features that make the Deluxe range our ultimate range of marquees:

  • 650gsm Rip-stop Duracoretex PVC Roof
  • 650gsm Rip-stop Duracoretex PVC Side Panels
  • Flame Retardant to BS5438 & BS7838
  • Windstop velcro sealed side panels
  • Wind resistant 2m end panels
  • 50mm Steel pipe framework
  • Groundbars included
  • Eave braces
  • Leg braces
  • Gable uprights in end
  • Wind resistant 20 degree roof
  • Tall 2.3m eave height
  • Tall 2.6m eave height
  • Tall 3m eave height
  • Unbranded
  • Interchangeable side panels
  • 'True Georgian' curved top window panels
  • 4-season marquee (year round though additional precautions should be taken in snow and extreme conditions)

The following table shows the available sizes in our Deluxe Demi range of marquees. Size guides can vary greatly, this is due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used. For example a 6x12m marquee can seat 70-80 people at round tables but if you allow for buffet tables and/or a dance floor then the capacity is reduced.

Use our interactive marquee planner to experiment with different layouts in the marquee or contact us with your requirements and we would be more than happy to put together some sample layouts for you.

Size of Marquee (width first) Capacity seated Capacity standing Price
3x2m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 6-12 9-18 £480.00
3x4m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 6-12 9-18 £780.00
3x6m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 12-20 15-30 £1080.00
3x8m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 12-24 18-35 £1380.00
3x10m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 15-30 20-45 £1680.00
3x12m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 18-40 27-60 £2280.00
3x14m deluxe demi DIY Marquee 23-50 34-75 £2280.00