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>> event planning articles Can I use a DIY Marquee as a smoking shelter?

Can I use a DIY Marquee as a smoking shelter?

Yes, you can use one of our DIY Marquees as a smoking shelter but only with some precautions/conditions:

  • Smoking shelters cannot be substantially enclosed. With that in mind you must have less than half of the side panels on – keep in mind that marquees require far more anchoring down with the sides off than on
  • It may require planning permission (confirm with local planning authority)

Will the marquee smell? No, not really. The PVC will not absorb smells so as long as it well ventilated the marquee will not smell and could be used for alternative purposes at other times.

If you are building a smoking area at an event then it is best to erect a separate roof only marquee or create a porch at the front of the marquee.

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