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4x6m or 6x4m marquee?

4x6m and 6x4m marquees

In the marquee industry the width of a marquee is specified first in any description. A marquee that is 6m wide and 12m long would therefore be described as 6x12m.

There is a lot of confusion over 4x6m and 6x4m marquees.

As the diagram above shows it is all to do with the width of the A-frame -a marquee that uses 4m wide A-frames and three 2m bays long is described as 4x6m (left in diagram).

A marquee that uses 6m wide A-frames and two 2m bays long is described as 6x4m (right in diagram).

The 4x6m model is the most popular option for this size (and slightly cheaper) but a 6x4m is more suitable in some cases - for example you should always aim to have the flat gable butting up against a house for weathering purposes, if the area is only 4m deep and 6m wide then it is best to use a 6x4m marquee so the water runs off to the side and there is no rail to obstruct any door opening in to the marquee.

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