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What's needed in the toolbox of a marquee hirer?

At an enjoyable meeting over the weekend I was asked what should be in the toolbox/van of a marquee hirer. What’s the typical equipment you should set yourself up with?

Obviously we can supply most of these but they are reasonably standard equipment available in many places:

  • Snips/wire cutters. Essential for cutting down cable ties used to attach linings and lighting.
  • Spare cable ties – used for linings and lighting and 101 other uses
  • Gaffa Tape – ideally in white. Just avoid the temptation to temporarily patch PVC using gaffa tape – when it comes to permanently patching the adhesive the tape leaves prevents the glue/weld from giving a good bond.
  • A repair kit is always useful just in case.
  • Carpet cutting knife (stanley) or similar, hammer, toolbelt & nails
  • Detachable eyelets are useful
  • Sledgehammer & goggles
  • Stake puller of some kind make life a lot easier than trying to loosen stakes with a sledgehammer
  • Steps – commercial grade, shorter than 2m to work under the eaves but giving a safe working height of 3m
  • Some offcuts of wood – useful for chocking tables in transport, supporting the odd footplate that’s in a slight dip
  • Hacksaw – just in case (incredibly rarely required)
  • Gas spanner – if you use gas heaters
  • Funnel – if you use diesel heaters
  • Pair of spanners (if using bolted together marquee like our deluxe range)
  • Vacuum cleaner or leaf blower – whatever you use to clean the floor
  • Washing up liquid, cloth & bowl – for giving the marquee and any equipment a once over
  • Baby-wipes – some people use these to ensure clean hands before fitting any marquee linings
  • Hard hats – it’s debatable as our marquees are mostly assembled on the ground whether they are classed as lifting over head height and therefore require hard hats. From experience I can say that you come across as a much more professional outfit if you wear hard hats until the structure is complete so I view it as good practice.

You wouldn’t need all of these initially, some you may never require but having most of these in your van/toolbox will make day to day life running a marquee hire business a lot easier. It will also save dashes to local DIY stores to get whatever tool you’re missing!

Thanks for reading.