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new products at Showmans Show 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Following on from the previous post on The Showmans Show here are some more details:

We are on Avenue E, stand number 258. Come out of the exhibition hall, turn right then left and we’re a short way down on the right hand side.

All of the suppliers you would expect to find will be there including heater suppliers, furniture suppliers, insurance companies etc. One you may not have considered is Welwyn Tool Company (stand 89 in the hall). They offer a variety of products for welding PVC but having a small heat gun for making repairs on site proved invaluable to us as a hire company.

We’ll be showing a couple of new additions to our stock including gable pieces for creating porch areas and solid frame doors. No photos yet as we’ve been testing them all summer but I’ll put some up here after the show.

Thanks for reading, look forward to seeing you at the show 🙂


DIY Detachable eyelets

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I really try to keep this blog informative rather than a sales pitch for our shiny & lovely DIY Marquees.

Today I’m going to write about an ingenious gadget that we’re starting to sell but please realise that I love this thing which is why we’re now selling them – I’m not raving about something just because we sell it. Make sense? Probably not but regular readers will be used to that 😉

Introducing the DIY detachable eyelet:

DIY detachable eyelet

dimensions approx 8cmx4cm
This is a tool that means you can create an eyelet anywhere on a marquee wall/roof without leaving marks or making holes.

How’s that useful?

Our marquee walls used to be covered in very small holes where we’d have to attach them to a house -you get quite inventive how you do it but generally cable tying to a drainpipe or door frame is the most common. This tool saves any hole-making or damaging, just create an eyelet in seconds.

I promise you if these had been around when we ran a hire company I’d have bought them by the hundred, they save so much time and effort while looking smarter. They’re also good for emergency repairs or guttering.
They’re not on the website yet as we’re rushed off our feet (I nearly said snowed under there..) but costs will be:

  • £3.80 for 4 (p&p £1.20)
  • £7.80 for 10 (p&p £1.50)
  • £14.80 for 20 (p&p £1.80)
  • £29.80 for 40 (p&p £3.95)

We only stock white as all commercial marquees are white.

Thanks for reading, hope it’s not too marquee sales pitch like