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The Showmans Show conclusions

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Thank you to everyone who visited us at The Showmans Show last week. For those that didn’t make it we displayed one of our new pop-up marquees including linings, we also had a new pagoda style marquee that will be a standard stock item next year. We’re confident both will prove popular and really add something to the marquee hire industry.

The Show itself was again very quiet, personally I think a change to Fri/Sat would really help increase visitors. I know ourselves and many other suppliers will be monitoring the leads generated carefully as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify the large expenses incurred.

As an erector of smaller marquees it is always a joy to see what can be achieved in larger structures, some of the two storey marquees are very very impressive. Saying that I wouldn’t like to put them up!

Thanks for reading.


Showmans Show and cheap marquee for sale

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

This week we are at The Showmans Show in Newbury – it is open on Wednesday (23rd) and Thursday (24th). We went down yesterday to set up and despite everyone down there getting soaked to the skin it seems like all the usual suppliers are there.

The weather forecast for the two days has improved so we look forward to seeing you there. We’re always open to offers on the demo marquees we have on display too.

Speaking of which our Commercial Marquee demo that we’ve had all summer is on ebay starting at 99p with no reserve: 6x8m Commercial DIY Marquee

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hopefully seeing you over the next few days.


How to erect a marquee on hard standing

Monday, October 14th, 2013

The easiest way to erect a marquee is on grass using a tie down kit to hold it in place but sometimes a marquee has to go up on hard surfaces. With our DIY Marquees (and indeed most quality marquees) this isn’t a problem as long as you fit groundbars. Groundbars don’t hold the marquee down but they do make it more rigid – imagine the marquee as a box, securing the bottom line makes it a much stronger and more rigid box.

When erecting a marquee on hard standing:

  • Look around the site, if the marquee is to be erected on a patio often there are flower beds or other soft surfaces to gain anchoring points from and just use longer tie downs.
  • Assuming there is no existing anchoring point the remaining options are heavy weights or drilling in to the ground.
  • Drilling is usually only an option on car parks or old tennis courts (be sure to fill the holes afterwards with an appropriate filler).
  • Concrete blocks or sand bags can be used as weights but my preference is water butts. These are light to carry round but you only fill them up once they are strapped to the marquee (this does rely on having a hosepipe on site).
  • When using weights strap them directly to the marquee, having them a distance away just gives the weight room to drag slightly and then it’s lost most of its use.

Thanks for reading, not sure if there will be a post next week or not due to The Showmans Show


Forgotten things to allow for in marquee weddings

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

You’ve put the wedding marquee up, it is perfectly finished and decorated and all of the furniture is laid out as per the flooring plan which gives a nice cosy but spacious feel to the marquee.

Then the customer comes out and says “Can we just fit this in somewhere” and life in the marquee gets a bit more cramped and complicated.

From experience there can be a wide variety of things that have to be fitted in somewhere but as usual it’s better to be prepared before the event (at the planning stage ideally though you cannot always allow for a bride’s last minute inspiration). The following are mainly from experience with wedding marquees but can also occur in other marquee events too:

  • Additional tables for hats and/or presents. Asking the question of where will they put ladies hats and any presents on the day can be done at the site visit and also show’s you’re being thorough with the planning.
  • Coat rails. During the summer any jackets would normally go on the backs of chairs but during winter months this should be allowed for (near the entrance if possible).
  • Cake table. Sounds obvious but I was on site once and asked “so where are we putting the cake” and hadn’t allowed for it anywhere. Easily corrected but still not a nice feeling.
  • Chocolate fountain. We had to fit one of these in last minute once and keep in mind that you need a fair amount of ‘splashing’ room around it that caused a few problems. A good tip – don’t put a chocolate fountain close to marquee linings, chocolate is a pain to get out afterwards.
  • DJ. Generally if a customer is having a dance floor you will allow space for a band or DJ automatically. But sometimes if a customer is having a band (which you’ve allowed for) they will also have a DJ (not originally mentioned or allowed for) to fill in between sets. If a customer is having a band just make sure they’re not having a DJ too.
  • PA system though this doesn’t take up too much space
  • Bar – a few times we had customers who had built their own bars and needed to fit them in to the marquee somewhere. Invariably this takes up a lot more room than a simple trestle table style bar.

That’s all I can think of though this post might be edited as more occur to me!

Thanks for reading