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The Showmans Show 2012

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The Showmans Show is on 17th & 18th October this year at the Newbury Showground. I may have mentioned it once or twice, I certainly will have mentioned it if you’ve been in to see us talking about setting up a marquee hire business. It is the one show dedicated to marquee hire companies and a must-visit for anyone serious about marquees. Essentially anyone who is serious about supplying the marquee hire industry will have a stand there.

Please come and see us on stand 267 Avenue E.

For those geographically minded you come out of the main entrance marquee/hall and turn right. Take first left up avenue E and we’re the 4th stand along on the right hand side.

An alternative view is look for the fluorescent vehicles and pretty girls handing out leaflets on security services and our marquees are next door!

The site is quite large as shown by the photo below (our stand is circled):

I’d recommend visiting the Arcotherm & Climate Hire stand (nearly opposite us on avenue E) as they are introducing a new side entry floor diffuser, this will be far more practical in a marquee environment than the standard vents for that style of heater.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at the show.

Different speed limits for different vehicles

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I recently went on a speed awareness course, frankly there’s a lot more I’d do to avoid 3 points on my licence than just sit in a conference room listening for 3 hours. There were a number of interesting points but something I’d forgotten from the highway code is that vans and trailers have different speed limits on some roads. It’s not something you take too much notice of as a 17 year old to be fair.

Any vehicle over 2 tonnes (vans, vehicles towing a trailer etc) can only do 60mph on a dual carriageway and 50mph on a single carriageway.

We had a lots of lads driving vans and/or towing trailers and we didn’t mention this to any of them. yes they should technically know their highway code but following on from the training mentioned last week if you’re employing people especially people who may not have driven larger vehicles before then this is the sort of thing to point out. It’s win-win, if they get caught then you both stand to lose one way or another.

It’s best to have a standard tick list for new employees showing best practices for each task they’re likely to undertake, driving and being made aware of the differences of driving larger vehicles should certainly be one of them. As well as the different speed limits make them aware that vans will always cut a corner more than a car, there’s also a much larger blind spot and to always pull straight up to a junction – there’s no rear passenger window to look through if you pull up to a junction at an angle.

Thanks for reading – remember the 6x12m deluxe marquee with damaged packaging on eBay finishes tonight.


Training teamleaders, another cheap marquee on eBay & a shorter video

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Have you ever had a shopping delivery from Tesco’s? We have and the attitude of the drivers is always fantastic, in my experience they are the most helpful and approachable people you could possibly get. Reflecting this back on my time running a marquee hire business I realised we did zero training for our team-leaders in public relations.

Whilst we never really had any problems leaving teamleaders on site without us we were solely worried about their standard (and speed) of work while we weren’t there. What we should have done is also express clearly how they should keep the customer informed of everything that was going on for peace of mind.

If you’re going to leave people other than yourself in charge on site then as well as training them for the job I also think it’s well worth training them to relate well to the customer, they are after all the face of your company when you’re not there.

Thanks for reading

We’ve got another marquee on eBay – this time it’s a brand new 6x12m deluxe, the only reason we’ve had to put it on there is because some of the outer packaging was torn in the store. The marquee is brand new so it could be a bargain for someone.

There’s a new video on our marquee video page, it’s a shorter one minute version of the one from last week.


New how to erect a DIY Marquee video

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Our new instructional video is now ready and uploaded.

What’s new? Well we’re showing eave braces and the interchangeable wall system which weren’t on the previous video as well as a brief text commentary. The way we put together the first bay is different to most people, we just find it easier and puts less strain on any joints but there’s lots of different ways.