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A Short Bit About me

I'm Spencer King, an ex-marquee erector. This blog is designed to help those running a hire business or thinking of starting. I don't claim to know everything, I'm just trying to help people avoid the mistakes I made! Check out our event planning section for advice on planning your own marquee event. Please contact us if we can help or offer advice in any way.

Connecting a marquee to a house

During the winter people are often using marquees to gain an extra room on a house rather than holding the whole event in the marquee. This brings with it a few issues:

1. Orientating the marquee: If at all possible have the end of the marquee butting up against the building rather than the side.

  • This means if it rains the water will go off to the side rather than towards the house/join
  • There are no eaves rails in gables so raised doors can still open outwards in to a marquee
  • If you have to have the side of the marquee against the house then consider a walkway even if you only use 2m of it to cover the doors

2. Leave the end walls open if possible: If there is a door opening in to the end of the marquee then there’s often a window nearby. It helps the atmosphere of the party if people inside can look out of that window and see the marquee outside (and vice versa). It makes the marquee feel more like an extra room (which is what most people want after all).

3. Fill the gaps: It’s cold this time of year and heat from the marquee should be going in to the house not the other way around:

  • Extend the ends of the marquee on either side to block up any gaps between the house and the marquee
  • The marquee may not need weathering if you’ve got the gable up against the building but pin the scalloped edge up to the house guttering to make it look neater and give it a better seal
  • Keep rain skirts, all roof edges and leg covers fixed down, if they flap around in the wind then the heat will get blown out

As a final note – remind your customer to have the drink or food (preferably both) outside in the marquee to ensure it gets used thoroughly. Just pointing out that the most popular room at a house party is the kitchen usually does the trick. They’re paying for a marquee the best thing is to make sure it gets used!

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