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new products at Showmans Show 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Following on from the previous post on The Showmans Show here are some more details:

We are on Avenue E, stand number 258. Come out of the exhibition hall, turn right then left and we’re a short way down on the right hand side.

All of the suppliers you would expect to find will be there including heater suppliers, furniture suppliers, insurance companies etc. One you may not have considered is Welwyn Tool Company (stand 89 in the hall). They offer a variety of products for welding PVC but having a small heat gun for making repairs on site proved invaluable to us as a hire company.

We’ll be showing a couple of new additions to our stock including gable pieces for creating porch areas and solid frame doors. No photos yet as we’ve been testing them all summer but I’ll put some up here after the show.

Thanks for reading, look forward to seeing you at the show 🙂


Discount for Winter marquee hire?

Monday, September 19th, 2011

As we’ve come towards the end of the season bookings and enquiries for the winter will start to come in. A big question you have to ask yourself is will you offer discounts for winter hire?

Hiring out marquees during the winter is a bit harder, the weather is generally against you and will wash off that tan from ALL that sun we had this summer (!), the marquees require more maintenance and cleaning per hire and the marquees are often that bit more awkward – connecting a marquee to a house is a lot more work that simply putting it up in a garden for example.

On the flip side of this most winter work is seen as something of a bonus, other than Christmas/New Year you’re unlikely to sell out. So is it worth offering a discount?

In my opinion yes. We started out offering no discounts but when we changed our approach our order book doubled from the previous year. I’m not advocating getting work for the sake of it, you’ve still got to earn money on a job so don’t go chasing too hard. A 10% discount seems about right although as I’ve mentioned before I think it’s much better to offer extra items to the value of 10% rather than a discount if you can.

Thanks for reading


White ratchet straps for marquees

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Isn’t it annoying when you buy something only to see a newer improved version available soon after?

Well we’re just introducing white ratchet straps to go in our tie down kits, the standard for the whole industry is to use orange (which we still have available) but we are repeatedly asked for white to blend in with the marquee so we have now produced them.

Not only that but if you’ve purchased orange ratchet straps from us in the last month then we’re happy to exchange them (free of charge) for white ones even if the orange ones are used. Just send them back to our factory (obviously including a copy of the invoice).

We do try to look after our customers even after they’ve purchased a DIY Marquee 🙂

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How much space is needed for a place setting?

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Unusual seating plans can call for some head-scratching calculations. 95% of the time people will want standard seating arrangements that you’ll have done many times before but just occasionally you get a someone who wants something a bit different. This generally involves unusual shapes or combinations of tables – you may hire them or make them yourself (bolting a custom made top to an existing table is the most common option). Here are some rules to help you plan:

Ideally you want a 2ft (60cm) wide space per person around the table. It can be a bit less if it’s a curved table (as people end up with more space further away from the table)

You also need to allow 2ft (60cm) for chairs around the table but that doesn’t allow space to walk between tables.

As an example take a 20ft/6m wide marquee that you would typically fit two round tables across in any layout. So 5ft round tables would then have an extra 2ft for the chairs, positioning them against the walls leaves a 2ft path down the middle.

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