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Monday, April 18th, 2011

If you’re starting up in marquee hire a big issue is advertising. How much do you spend and how do you spend it? Obviously we all want to get to a stage where most of our work is coming from word of mouth recommendations (a claim a suspiciously large number of hire websites announce). But if you haven’t had any previous customers then there’s no one to start the recommendation!

Several of our customers have recommended as a good place to obtain useful leads. They also offer (currently) a 3 month free trial so there’s nothing to lose. There are a few directories offering this service but this is the only one I’ve been consistently recommended. I should point out that I am in no way connected with this website, indeed I think it’s actually run by a fellow marquee supplier but I’m just giving an honest recommendation.

Lastly, want to know how to erect a 9x12m marquee in under 30 minutes? Try this marquee.

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How to lay a marquee dance floor

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Before I start on marquee dance floors I should mention that this week we have a 4x8m and one of our new 9x12m DIY Marquees for sale on eBay.

Nearly all marquee dance floors go together in the same manner using a brick type pattern for strength:

  1. Plan the position of the dance floor carefully. Often you can decide which way to lay the boards (across or down the marquee). If you think the customer might want to increase or decrease the size of dance floor at a later stage then orientate the boards accordingly. So  you only have to add or remove rows rather than lifting the whole floor to alter the size.
  2. Lay the first two or three rows of boards down and then stop: check the dance floor is square and going to fit in line with your desired position.
  3. Ensure there are no gaps between the boards, once the whole dance floor is laid it is very difficult to go back and change it
  4. Similarly pack up the boards as each row is laid to avoid any bouncy gaps underneath. It is a nightmare trying to pack up a bouncy dance floor once all the boards are laid
  5. Once all boards are down it is time to lay the edging. Firstly put the sides of the edging on – this is laid in the same way as the boards. So if the last row put down was big-big-small then your edging should be laid as small-big-big to continue the brick pattern
  6. Once both sides are fitted any corner pieces of edging can be put in and the gaps at both ends filled using the remaining edging.
  7. If you’re a bit short of edging then leave it off on the side facing the DJ/Band

All of this may seem common knowledge but to others it could prove interesting. I remember going on site to find one lad so frustrated with the hour that he’d spent trying to edge a dance floor that he was in the middle of hacksawing a piece down to fit. Once I’d shown him how it was supposed to fit blood pressures were lowered and the hacksaw was put back in the van!

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Demonstration marquee now up for viewing

Monday, April 4th, 2011

A few years ago we were approached by our friends who run the pub next door who convinced us to put our demonstration marquee up in their garden every summer. They get the use of a marquee every year and we have a display marquee available for people to see in use. It works well for both parties.

It’s a 6m wide marquee with red carpet, roof lining, curtains and panoramic windows down one side. I’ll get a photo up here soon.

As our instructional videos have proved surprisingly popular we thought it time to do another one and got the video recorder out to show how we do it. Our intention was to produce a serious, professional video. This was thwarted somewhat when a couple of older gents came out for a cigarette and watched us putting up the marquee:

The barman bringing us out a couple of drinks was going to make for a tricky edit (not that we were arguing about that one..):

When the landlord came out for a chat “how are you getting on lads”, “good thanks, we’re just making a video” and didn’t take the hint that he was standing directly in front of the video camera we decided to give up! (he’s a very nice guy and the pub do great food by the way):

In other news we’re continuing to have a clear out of our stores of all the marquees that we can’t send out due to damaged packaging. There’s a 6x12m on eBay at the moment and I’ll continue to put one on every week or so until we’ve cleared them. They’re perfectly alright inside but they’re a pain to work round for us getting other stock to be sent out.

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