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A Short Bit About me

I'm Spencer King, an ex-marquee erector. This blog is designed to help those running a hire business or thinking of starting. I don't claim to know everything, I'm just trying to help people avoid the mistakes I made! Check out our event planning section for advice on planning your own marquee event. Please contact us if we can help or offer advice in any way.

6m x 6m DIY Marquee up for viewing

6m x 6m DIY Marquee
Last week we put up a 6mx6m DIY Marquee for the pub at the back of our factory, it’s going to stay up all summer so if anyone wants to view a marquee feel free to go round any time with or without us. People who have visited our factory will know we don’t work in the lap of luxury here (our desks are fitted in around the stock not the other way round), we don’t have a nice showroom. So having a marquee at the back of us is very useful. Hopefully we’ll get time to fit a marquee lining but there never seems enough hours in the day.

Incidentally it took us 55 minutes to erect but we reckon if we weren’t explaining to the people watching and ran a bit we could get it down to 45mins.

Isn’t it sad I have to protect/ruin our photos by adding our website address? If you’ve got a website with lots of photos then I’m afraid you should do too. To give you an idea in the last 4 weeks I’ve been informed of:

  • four different people stealing our photos
  • two incidents of attempting to steal our marquee planning tool
  • one incident of a competitor copying our instructions!

Copying our designs I can understand, just because we were the first people to offer this style of marquee with 500gsm PVC, linings, groundbars included etc doesn’t mean no one else can do it.

It’s always flattering having people copying you but I (understandably) draw the line at stealing. Try and check out other marquee hire companies, especially local ones just to make sure no one is stealing your photos.

(rant over)

Thanks for reading


  • malparker

    I love your planning tool so much I'd like to streal it also. Still I find using it, then printing it off. Putting it back through the photo copier and then sending as an email easier. Seriously though I know what you mean, ( Red Face Mal Confesses… I have used your carpet pictures on my website though…. to try and drum up a bit of business…) I know what you mean, I have come across a few websites now who have used my pictures. One did make me laugh though, me and the wife busted a gut putting this Marquee up only to find it on a website up in York ( 305 miles away ). In fact his whole gallery are my Marquees. The T&C's are a cut and paste job also. Just removed our name and inserted his. I do find it kind of flattering and funny at the same time. They still my pictures but don't use my prices. LOL. You are going to love me…..I have only gone and double double booked again. How about a blog next time about thus avoiding this so I don't have to keep buying more Marquees.

  • Mal, if you or any other of our customers want to use our photos go ahead – I can send you ones without our name on (as long as they're our photos and not ones people have sent in).
    I should do a blog about how you should double double book yourself as much as possible then come and buy more of our marquees! Surely the best way to expand is buying kit you've already got a booking for isn't it?
    People want to copy you, want to triple book you. It's all flattering and must mean you're doing something right mate 😉

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