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A Short Bit About me

I'm Spencer King, an ex-marquee erector. This blog is designed to help those running a hire business or thinking of starting. I don't claim to know everything, I'm just trying to help people avoid the mistakes I made! Check out our event planning section for advice on planning your own marquee event. Please contact us if we can help or offer advice in any way.

Showmans Show 2009 follow on.

Our stand at the show

Our stand at the show

So this was our stand at The Showmans Show 2009. Hopefully most of you came along and saw it in person.

Firstly I apologise if it seemed rude I wasn’t up greeting everyone, I injured my back quite badly on Wednesday morning which meant I could only stand for a few minutes at a time (an appointment with a specialist is booked for later today). By the end of the show even the security guard was taking the p**s out of me for taking so long to hobble back and forth to the car park!

Secondly a thank you to Colin, Kim and the local first aiders for keeping me in drugs for 2 days (some of them even helped my back!), but especially a big thank you to Mal at Premier Party Tent who hung round in the pouring rain to take my place dismantling all of our marquees. Sir you are a gent and I owe you a very large pint.

A lot of things came from the show and I learnt about various things which I’ll discuss on here soon enough (every day’s a school day!).

Unfortunately a slightly sour note came from the show and it’s been bothering me ever since. Someone started a rumour saying I was bad-mouthing one of our competitors. Now anyone who knows me or has dealt with us knows that this is something we just don’t do. Not only that but I’d encourage you never to do so either.

As a hire company you’ll always have people asking you to compare yourself to another company and I’d strongly strongly urge you to stick to positive comments, only praising yourself and your companies strong points. If you start saying negative comments about someone else then they’ll start doing the same to you and before you know it you’re both coming across like politicians and customers won’t want to deal with either of you!

Anyway back to us – I’m very lucky in that we get on very well with most of our competitors so a quick phone call took any tension out of that situation but it’s still not pleasant to have said about you. I’ll give this anonymous person the benefit of the doubt and rather than accuse them of malicious rumour-mongering maybe they misinterpreted my comment last week of bad-payers not being allowed to attend as aimed at one of our competitors. It certainly wasn’t.

Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting us at the show and for those who don’t know my wife’s pregnant and due to pop in the next 4 weeks so I may suddenly disappear for a few weeks 🙂


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