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Galvanised Vs Powder Coated Frames

Sometimes the claims of some companies in the marquee sales industry go beyond honest marketing with outlandish statements such as 'PE material is the same as bullet proof vests' and arrogant statements such as 'and don't believe anyone who tells you different' without actually offering any evidence to confirm their claims. At DIY Marquees we try to take a more positive approach to marketing and an evidence based approach to our marquee design.

With the above in mind we are producing a series of Reality Check articles displaying the pro's and con's for readers to see why we design marquees the way we do:

The advantages of using a powder coated marquee frame

The advantages of using galvanised marquee framework:

Some companies claim one method is more environmentally friendly than the other. In reality neither are particularly environmentally friendly though we at DIY Marquees have changed to a more environmentally friendly galvanising system a few years ago and are looking in to an even better step in the future.

We have even seen some companies claim (always towards whichever system they don't personally use) that one of the coating methods is acidic or harmful to users. This is of course absolute nonsense. Carports around the world use powder coating, all scaffolding and large industrial marquees use galvanising. Neither are acidic or harmful to use.

To show that we are not alone in using galvanised steel the below photograph is of the Showmans Show, the only UK trade show aimed at the marquee hire industry. Marquees shaded in red use galvanised steel on its own or in combination with aluminium. Those shaded in blue use powder coated steel.
DIY marquees at the showman's show

Just about everyone in the marquee hire industry uses galvanised, not powder coated steel. It is simply more suited to purpose.

Thanks for reading.

We are always happy to offer more customised advice for your event, please contact us giving a few details of the event you are planning (type of event, space available, number of guests and diagrams/photographs of the site if possible) and we will be more than happy to advise on your options.

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