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Marquee Heater

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Marquee Heater

Marquee Heater
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The best way to heat a marquee is using an indirect marquee heater, this is the heater nearly all marquee hire companies use.

All ignition is done outside of the marquee with ducting feeding (just) warm air in to the marquee. All controlled on a thermostat for complete control simply set the thermostat at the desired temperature and the heater will keep kicking in to maintain the same temperature throughout the event.

Specifications of the DIY Indirect Marquee Heater:

  • 26KW
  • 4.5m thermostat lead
  • 4.5m Ducting
  • 1m cable to splashproof 16 amp plug
  • Some assembly required (wheels and handle)

Calculations for heating:

One DIY Indirect Marquee Heater is suitable for increasing the temperature by 10 degrees in the following marquees:

3m Wide No. required 4m Wide No. required 6m Wide No. required 9m Wide No. required
3x2m 1 4x4m 1 6x4m 1 9x9m 1
3x3m 1 4x6m 1 6x6m 1 9x12m 2
3x4m 1 4x8m 1 6x12m 1 9x18m 2
3x6m 1 4x10m 1 6x14m 1    
3x8m 1 4x12m 1 6x16m 1    
3x10m 1     6x18m 2    
3x12m 1     6x20m 2    
        6x24m 2    

Note: If you have a 6m wide marquee with a steeper (and less wind resistant) roof i.e. 3.6-4m high then you will require additional heating to that listed above.

Note: in cold weather or with entrances left open double the number of heaters listed in the table will be required.

Heating Calculator

Enter the width, length and height of your marquee to calculate how many KW's are required to heat the marquee sufficiently.

Marquee Width Marquee Length Marquee Height Result:

The heater comes with a splash proof 16 amp plus as used throughout the marquee hire industry. If you require an adapter to convert this to an RCD protected 13amp plus and/or a 25m extension lead (with 16amp plug & socket) then please select from the options below.

As a rule of thumb 1KW will heat 10 cubic meters up to 6x16m

Price: £1,176.00
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