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How to heat your marquee

During Spring and summer months heating is generally only required to take the chill off later in the evening. During autumn and especially winter you should heat the marquee for a reasonable time before guests arrive to ensure a successful event.



LPG Blower/Space Heaters (photograph c/o HSS Hire)

space marquee heater

Blower or Space heaters require gas bottles and will heat large areas very quickly. They can be purchased or hired for very reasonable prices.

Even though there is a grill at the front of the heaters we wouldn't recommend using them at a function where small children are present.

Space heaters or patio heaters are only designed for well ventilated areas, for this reason ducted/indirect heaters are a much better option in marquees.

Ducted Heaters (photograph c/o HSS Hire)

ducted marquee heater

Ducted heaters also require gas bottles and sit outside the marquee with the warm air ducted in to the side of the marquee. These heaters generally include thermostats for ease of use, simply set the desired temperature and the heater will maintain the temperature in the marquee.

Ducted heaters can be prohibitively expensive to buy so hiring is usually recommended.

Indirect Heaters (photograph c/o HSS Hire)

indirect marquee heater

Indirect heaters are usually powered by oil/diesel and are similar to ducted heaters in that they sit outside the marquee and the warm air is ducted in to the side of the marquee.

Indirect heaters can also be prohibitively expensive so again hiring is usually recommended.

We are always happy to offer more customised advice for your event, please contact us giving a few details of the event you are planning (type of event, space available, number of guests and diagrams/photographs of the site if possible) and we will be more than happy to advise on your options.

If you would like to use or quote any part of this article please contact us for permission or licencing.