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2x6m Walkway


Example 2x6m equipment:

  • Basic:
  • 2x6m Walkway
  • Tie down kit
  • Delivery

  • Typical:
  • 2x6m Walkway
  • Ivory flat roof lining
  • Carpet flooring
  • Tie down kit
  • Delivery

  • Complete:
  • 2x6m Walkway
  • Ivory flat roof lining
  • Ivory curtain linings
  • Carpet flooring
  • Chandelier lighting
  • Carry bags & Boxes
  • Tie down kit
  • Delivery

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marquee ground bars for sale

Groundbars are poles that connect the footplates to effectively make the marquee in to a strong box. They give added strength to the framework and add to the stability of the Classic DIY Marquee (Tie downs or other means of anchoring to the ground are still required)

Eave braces::

Marquee eaves braces for sale

Eave braces give the roof frame added strength where it's most needed. Eave braces prevent the roof cover from stretching and therefore give greater resistance to water pooling giving the marquee a longer expected lifespan.


marquee roof linings for sale

Roof lining: transforms the interior by hiding the metalwork in the roof Roof, wall and curtain linings: wall linings cover the PVC walls whilst curtain linings add a finishing touch by hiding the metal legs Roof, wall, curtain and swag linings: Swags add a gathered finish around the pelmet of the roof lining (includes walls and curtains)


marquee carpet flooring for sale

Carpet flooring: Gives a fantastic finish in any marquee, nailed in place to give a smooth trip-free surface (suitable for high heels). Includes waterproof underlay and nails. Carpet is supplied on a 2m wide roll.


Marquee tie-downs for sale

Tie down kit: Strongly recommended for anchoring the marquees down on soft surfaces. Consists of 4 large metal stakes and 4 ratchet straps (available in white or orange)


Marquee chandelier lighting for sale

Festoon lighting: A string of bulbs with dimmer control that fits above the roof lining. Chandelier lighting: Comes with a brass effect chandelier, dimmer control, RCD plug and 25m lead. Everything you need to easily and elegantly light your marquee.


solid frame doors for sale

Carry Bags & Boxes:

Marquee carrry bags for sale

Carry bags and boxes: Ideal for storing and transporting your marquee though we should point out that the marquee does arrive in sturdy cardboard boxes.

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Price from 288

2x6m walkway diy marquee

Our 2x6m Modular walkways are an excellent option for connecting marquees to buildings or to create entrance tents going in to larger structures. Each walkway can be used as 2x2m, 2x4m or 2x6m for flexibility. Available with window or wall side panels or as a roof only structure.

Price: £288.00
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