DIY Marquees Range - What's The Difference?

There can be a lot of confusion around the differences between our marquee ranges.

Our marquees come in four different widths

3 Metre Wide

4 Metre Wide

6 Metre Wide

9 Metre Wide

There are six main types of DIY Marquees

Party Tents

Classic Marquees

Premium Marquees

Commercial Marquees

Professional Marquees

Deluxe Marquees


There are two gauges of marquee framework used.

Party Tents, Classic Marquees and Premium Marquees all share the same basic 38mm framework.

Commercial and Professional Marquees have a more robust 38mm framework which includes Groundbars, Eaves braces and Gable uprights.

Groundbars are poles that connect the footplates to effectively make the marquee in to a strong box. They give added strength to the framework and add to the stability of the marquee.

Eave braces give the roof framework added strength where it's most needed. Eave braces prevent the roof cover from stretching and therefore give greater resistance to water pooling giving the marquee a longer expected lifespan.

Click here: the strength of eaves braces

Gable uprights allow for several panels at the end of the marquee instead of one larger panel. This means more customization when choosing end walls and windows as well as making the marquee more wind resistant

Click here: Why 2m end panels are more wind-resistant


Deluxe Marquees use an extremely strong 50mm framework with Groundbars, Eaves braces, Gable uprights (see above) and Leg braces.

The deluxe framework differs from all others in that it has a 2.3m Eave height rather than a 2m eave height

Our Deluxe marquees use a 2.3m eaves height as opposed to our other ranges of marquee that use 2m eaves height. The extra height makes the marquee feel more spacious and substantial.

Leg braces provide added strength and stability to the marquee.


Our Party Tent range of marquees uses 240gsm PE material. This is similar to tarpaulin material and is the higest grade you can get.

However, the main disadvantage of a PE marquee cover is that it has to be stitched. This means tiny holes from stitching have potential to leak and therefore we can only say it is 99% waterproof

Our Classic range uses 380gsm Duracoretex PVC material. This is the cheapest range of 100% PVC marquees we sell and are generally considered to be the industry standard.

PVC is different to PE in that it can be welded rather than stitched and is therefore 100% waterproof.

Our Commercial marquees use 500gsm Duracoretex PVC. This range of marquee is largely supplied to marquee hire companies due to the strong framework and durable PVC covers. They can stay up all year and remain 100% waterproof.

Our Premium, Professional and Deluxe Marquees all use 650gsm Duracoretex PVC with differing grades of framework (as seen above).

These covers are heavy-weight, 100% waterproof and will last a very long time.

NOTE: At DIY Marquees we do not use Poly-PVC for covers as it is generally considered to be an inferior material.

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