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Dirty Marquee Linings

Now we all like to think that we keep our marquee equipment clean and well maintained at all times. Sadly that’s not always the case and this is especially true of linings, you can open a bag of linings that you swore were clean when the last marquee came down but now have a variety of marks on them.

If you’ve got spare linings in your stock then that’s fine, just put the dirty ones to one side and clean them before you need them again. The problem is often you don’t have spare linings and you simply have to use them so you have 2 options:

  • Clean them on site (or take them back to be cleaned and return them). There are mould away sprays available, if not bleach for small spots
  • Failing that then put the marked linings in the least obvious place, roofs should be at one end not in the middle of the marquee where everyone’s going to notice and any walls with marks on could go behind the DJ/Band for eg. Not ideal but if you’re on site with no other choice but to use the linings it’s the best you can do

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