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Different marquee customers look for different things

In the main if you do a good job in erecting the marquee with a nice finish the customer is very happy, however occasionally you get a customer who picks out something that you’ve never even thought about. Some examples of unusual issues we came across are:

  • Having opened the side up and removed the ground bars to allow side access we were criticised for leaving 2″ of grass on show (what was formerly under the ground bars).
  • Curtain linings not touching the floor (they are generally about an inch off).
  • The roof lining looking different shades of ivory (we had to politely point out that this was because one half of the marquee was in the shade of an oak tree).
  • My favourite – the silver heads of the nails were ‘an eye-sore’ amongst the honeybeige carpet.
  • These sort of things happen very rarely and there’s not much you or I can do to pre-empt them. Obviously if a customer has got it in their head that it’s a fault then you’ve got to resolve it politely otherwise it might ruin the enjoyment of the event for them.

Whether it’s carpeting an extra 2″ of a marquee, re-cable tying all of the curtains a bit lower or going to Halfords and buying some cream car paint to spray each nail head you’ve just got to do whatever it takes for a happy customer and move on. We did just point out the oak tree in the garden by the way, we didn’t just attack it with a chain-saw!

I hope the bad weather hasn’t caused too many problems for all you hirers.

Thanks for reading