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Where's the bar?

As part of being a marquee hirer you become a bit of an event planner. Positioning of the bar is surprisingly important. Remember the last house party you went to? The most crowded room was probably the kitchen. The last hotel wedding? Most guests were probably lingering by the bar, that’s what happens (especially blokes it has to be said).

This can also be turned in to a selling point for holding a marquee wedding compared to one in a hotel. Most hotels have a bar in one room and the meal in another, you then file back out to the bar while they clear the tables and lay the dance floor but most people will stick near the bar rather than go back in the dance floor room. You end up with something that all events want to avoid – 2 parties.

So the key to positioning a bar is to have it where you want people to linger.

If people are paying you to extend their house using a marquee then tell them to put the bar (and food if poss) out in the marquee to ensure it gets well used.

If you’re putting several marquees up for an event then try and have the bar in the same marquee as the dance floor (maybe at the opposite end though). This will keep people lingering in one area.

If the bar needs to be closed off until evening or needs to have access for people arriving for drinks outside consider putting it inside a small marquee (one of our pagodas for example) connected to the main marquee so it can easily open or close in different directions.

A normal size bar will take up around a 3x3m (10x10ft) area.

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