How to avoid a headache

When you turn up to erect a marquee the exact position isn’t always definitely decided. This gives a nice flexibility to the booking that customers often like so they can decide where it goes based on the weather forecast and where they think it looks best on the day.

Unfortunately this can lead to problems. One is that the customer (or person who needs to make the decision at least) isn’t there. The last thing you want is to erect the marquee only to be called back to move it later in the day.

The second problem is it leads customers to believe that the position of the marquee is flexible even when you’ve nearly finished the build!

If you have a customer who’s indecisive or you fear may want to move it ‘depending on how far it goes on to the lawn’ for example then there’s an easy answer. Lay the groundbars and footplates out to create the footprint of the marquee. This is nice and easy to move around the garden and you make it clear that this has to be their final answer.

You come across as helpful and wanting to ensure everything is right for their event but at the same time you’re making sure you don’t have to waste your time moving the marquee at a later stage.

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